Willoughby Western Lake County Chamber of Commerce

St. Noel Church & Banquet Center Bookkeeper Job Description

Posted: 03/05/2023

St. Noel Church & Banquet Center Bookkeeper Job Description (Part Time)
The bookkeeper shall perform all duties with the utmost confidentiality and accuracy. Responsibilities will include ensuring internal controls are implemented. Maintains proper storage files/back up as needed. Collaborates with management to assist with accounting needs and to work toward improvements for the good of the company.
Accounting Duties – General
Enter All Deposits

  • Balance WeShare account to QB regularly
  • Track & balance Advance Deposits
  • Prepare, file & pay sales tax
  • Creates checks for expenses.
  • Use bill.com for expenses.
  • Records manual checks.
  • Records payroll journal entry
  • Maintains Vendors & chart of accounts.
  • Review Trial Balance and GL & makes necessary changes.
    • Provides sub ledgers & back up as needed.
  • Balances Bank Accounts
  • Print reports monthly, quarterly & annually (BS, PL YTD, PL by month)
    • Sends draft reports to outside accountants for review.
    • Records any changes as instructed by outside accountant.
Annually / Quarterly
  • Prepares quarterly unemployment filing & make payment.
  • Prepares workers compensation filing & make payment.
  • Prepares & files Use tax return.
  • Files Unclaimed funds (due November 1st. each year)
  • Records interest and balance investment accounts
  • Adjust Inventory
  • Reviews Quarter & Annual Paycor filings
  • Works to create annual budget by month.
  • Prepare 1099’s
In addition to preparing the tax return and diocesan report the outside accountant should provide high-level accounting answers, review financials, provide adjustments as needed. They should also provide any financial projections, trend analysis, cash flow projections & be the financial advisor to the finance committee. 
Resumes may be submitted to gluberger@stnoel.org